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Anna completed the International Midwifery Pre-registration Program at Ryerson University in Toronto in May 2014. She was born and raised in Ukraine, but at the age of nineteen, moved to Israel where she married and became a mother to four lovely children. She is extremely thankful for the support from her husband Simon and her family that allows her to live her love of midwifery.



Jennifer is a Scottish-trained midwife. Having qualified in 2000, she then worked in a maternity hospital in England for her first year. After starting a family of her own, she moved back up to Scotland and worked as midwife for the Greater Glasgow Health Board. Life went in a different direction when, at the end of 2010, she moved to Canada with her husband and 2 sons.



Renee studied and worked as an independent midwife in a very busy community practice for close to 15 years, working in New Zealand, Vanuatu, Newfoundland and the Northwest Territories with incredible families and beside some amazing midwives.


Office Administrator

Lynne joined St Albert Midwives summer of 2016. Lynne immigrated to Canada from Scotland in 2013 with her husband and 3 children. She enjoyed working in our clinic so much that she then completed the DONA doula training in 2017. She is part owner of Beautiful Blessings Birth Services. Lynne is a valuable member of our team.

About us


Midwives believe women should be active participants in their prenatal care, labour, birth and postpartum care. Informed choice is a collaborative process between midwives and their clients. It is our responsibility to provide you with information about the risks, benefits, alternatives and reasoning for any tests, procedures or decisions you need to make and to empower and support your family in your choices.


Your care is safer and more satisfying when it is provided by someone with whom you have developed a relationship. St. Albert Community Midwives practice primary care, which means you will have one midwife assigned to you who will provide the majority of your care and attend your birth. You will also have the opportunity to meet the other two midwives as we support each other in the event of simultaneous births, holidays or personal concerns.


One of the things that make midwives unique is that we offer safe birth options in your preferred location. We are qualified to support your birth at home, at Rinita Birth Centre, Lucina Birth Centre , at Misericordia Community Hospital or at the Sturgeon Community Hospital in St. Albert. We will review your health history and discuss birth options with you at your first appointment and throughout your care.


Midwifery is publicly regulated and funded in Alberta. Midwives follow the standard schedule for prenatal visits which is monthly for the first 28-30 weeks, then biweekly until the final month when we begin seeing you weekly until your birth. Our appointments are 30 minutes long to allow plenty of time for discussion as well as a clinical exam. You will be offered all standard prenatal testing, and we will consult with or refer you to other care providers should the need arise. Your midwife will be with you from the onset of active labour, will call a second midwife for assistance when the birth is imminent and both midwives will stay with you until you and baby are stable and comfortable after birth. Midwives provide postpartum visits at home for the first week and continue to follow you and your baby until six weeks postpartum.


For more information about the scope, education and legislation of midwives, to read frequently asked questions about midwifery care, or to apply to the provincial wait list please visit: Request for Care.